Make your wall happy with this original watercolour painting!


It shows a view from Breidalen in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. This beautiful region of Norway is where my mother grew up, and I've spent several weeks every summer growing up. The painting is special to me because of this and because of the painting process. I've never spent more time on a painting than this one, and I hope that you will love it as much as I do.



Made on 300 gsm, 100% cotton watercolour paper Moulin du Roy by Canson, using high quality watercolours from Winsor & Newton and Van Gogh. 


Dimensions: 45 x 65 cm


Price tag: $422



Item will be sent from Sandvika, Norway*.

Cost for shipping will come in addition.


*Om du bor i Oslo-området er henting å foretrekke.

Jeg ber da om at du sender en e-post til om at du ønsker å kjøpe maleriet.


From Breidalen - Original painting